Tommy Gentekos

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My hair is fairly curly so I blow dry it straight. I also flat iron after blow drying, but I find that my hair gets very flyaway afterwards. Any suggestions? expand

My first recommendation would be to make sure you use a ceramic iron or tourmaline flat iron, as they will be much gentler on the hair than your standard Kenmore. To eliminate your flyaways and add some shine, I'd suggest one our TGHS deep conditioner treatments.


My hair is naturally curly and chronically frizzy. I've tried all the brand name de-frizz products, and find that they leave a waxy residue in my hair and are very hard to wash out. What do you recommend? expand

Most de-frizz products are formulated with a polymer ingredient that accumulates on hair shafts. You can, however, find products made with human protein and keratin which will provide a defined curl, banish the frizzies, nourish the hair and wash out clean. You probably won't be surprised to learn that our SHAPE #4 styling gel is the one I personally recommend.

Thinning Hair Solution

My hair is fair and thinning fast. Being still in my 20s I'm not ready to give up and go for the "cue ball" yet but I also don't want to look like I'm combing over or covering up. Can you suggest a look that will help me hang onto what's left of my dignity and my hair? expand

Believe it or not, the best thing to do is not to cover, but to actually celebrate your thinning hair. I know that this may not sound serious or fair, but when you cut it down to its lowest common denominator, your hair will look as thick as possible and the contrast between the thinner and thicker areas will be less noticeable. The "George Clooney" or Greco-Roman looks are a good example of making the most of a diminishing resource.