Tommy Gentekos

Q & A

Fade-Away Color

My hair color seems to start fading right after application, and I find it difficult to maintain a rich looking color for more than a week or two. What can I do about this? expand

My first advice is not to shampoo too frequently, as washing will definitely dull down your color. To prolong your color, I recommend that you shampoo about every other day with a shampoo formulated for colored hair, and condition in between shampoos. Our ACTIVE #1, for example, is designed for colored-treated or dry hair. It's ph balanced and rich in botanicals to resist color fading, yet cleans hair thoroughly and keeps it clean longer.

Dry + Lifeless

The good news is I love my highlights. The bad news is the process leaves my hair dry and lifeless. Then when I've tried to address the problem with a conditioner recommended for highlighted hair, the result feels limp and greasy. Is this just the price I have to pay for my highlights? expand

I don't think so. First I'd advise you to use a lighter conditioner and leave it on longer - about 2-3 minutes - before rinsing it out. A conditioner like our BALANCE #3 formulated for all hair types, will not leave the hair limp or greasy and rinses out easily.