Tommy Gentekos

Q & A

Gels for Men

I wear my hair short and a tad messy in front. I like to use a stronger gel for hold but all of the gels for men that I have tried leave my hair crunchy. They also tend to flake, which is embarrassing and inconvenient. What am I doing wrong? expand

Sounds to me like you have an alcohol problem. In your gel, that is. Your haircutter can probably recommend an alcohol-free product that will work better for you. My choice would, of course, be our HOLD TIGHT #5 gel, which breaks down wonderfully in wet hair, provides all-day hold without flaking, and can be used to create a wet or natural look without stiffness.

Spiky Hair

I wear my hair in a short pixie style, spiked-up at the top. So far all the products strong enough to hold my style have a waxy texture that doesn't wash out. How would you deal with this? expand

I honestly only know of one product that will work you - the one we call SHITHEADS. This unique water-based paste contains no wax, leaves no coating, shampoos clean out and holds even the most extreme spiky jagged styles indefinitely